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3 Harsh Lessons A Breakup Can Teach You

by Lisa Force

Breakups are hard. They suck, even. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, when something you thought had potential, when someone you thought was special, turns out not to be, it’s a blow to both the ego and your sense of optimism. However, as the pain subsides, as you begin to explore what happened […]

A Nice Guy’s Guide to Getting His Woman Back

by Lisa Force

So, you’ve split up with someone and you’ve decided you want her back. But maybe you don’t think you’re Machiavellian enough to play tricks and mind games to win her back. You’re worried that “nice guys finish last” and you’re a nice guy. What can you do to win her back? Leaving out the devious […]

How to get your ex back (VIDEO)

by Lisa Force

Want your ex back? Then watch this video, where I’ll give you a brief overview of what you need to do in order to win back your ex and get a second chance at love.

How to win your ex back

by Lisa Force
couple reconnecting

Want to get back together with your ex? This article explains how to re-build his or her attraction and start fresh in a happier, healthier relationship.