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Common Problems that Plague Marriages & How to Avoid Them

by Lisa Force

Despite constant reminders and decades of failed marriages to use as examples, the divorce rate in America still hovers above 50%. While 2:1 odds may be great in Vegas, they aren’t so fantastic when you are betting on your life. Getting married is a major commitment that doesn’t end when you say “I do”, it […]

Determining When It’s Time to Seek Outside Help

by Lisa Force

When you are dealing with a rough patch in your relationship, seeking help through a couple’s therapist has become increasingly common. Not only are more people than ever seeking help with their relationships, more are open to speaking about it, normalizing the experience by removing the stigma. However, regardless of how “common” counseling has become, […]

What to Do When You Feel Compelled to Stay in a Deteriorating Relationship

by Lisa Force

There are many reasons you might want to stay in a relationship that’s on the rocks. Perhaps you have children, or there are complex financial issues, or you’re just unwilling or afraid to be alone. Whatever your reasons, if your relationship isn’t giving you what you need anymore, but you can’t leave it, there is […]

How to Break Up with Grace

by Lisa Force

The saying “breaking up is hard to do” is more than a cliched rock-and-roll lyric. No matter the reason, choosing to end a relationship is hard enough on its own. However, it is your ability to handle that decision, and the actions that follow it, with maturity and grace that set you up for successful […]

3 Changes You Can Make Today to Improve Your Troubled Marriage

by Lisa Force

It’s not too late. I know that sounds trite, but in many cases, the hopelessness you feel surrounding your marriage, though all-consuming, does not have to be forever and does not have to end in divorce. In fact, there are real, actionable changes you can make in your relationship today to not only improve the […]

Understanding When Divorce Is Really the Best Option

by Lisa Force

To so many people, divorce is a dirty word. It is one of those black marks, those trappings of failure that haunt us. Yet, one in two marriages – that’s 50% of all unions – in the United States ends in divorce. If the dreaded “D” word is such a mark of failure, at least […]

Ways to improve your marriage

by Lisa Force
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Is your marriage stale, boring, or on the rocks? Learn how to revive the passion and bring your marriage back from boredom or save it the brink of collapse.