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The 2 Things Men Instantly Look For In A Woman On A First Date

by Lisa Force
first date

Have you noticed that even though dating has become more complicated, men still seem to complain less about it than women? In a time where we have more ways to meet people than ever before, why is it that women still find the process harder than what it should be? Yet men seem to be […]

How to Use Body Language to Attract the One You Want

by Lisa Force

Using Body Language to Attract the One You Want The secret to attracting the man or woman of your dreams is not about having the best looks, the most money, or endless youth. It’s about communication. Communication that starts from the minute someone sees you.  Communication that takes place without uttering a word. It’s called body […]

Epic Formula to Re-Attract Someone You Want Into Your Life

by Lisa Force

Living your life with no regrets is a very difficult goal, particularly when it comes to romance, love and relationships. Nearly everyone has a sad story about someone they should’ve introduced themselves to, or asked for their phone number, or kissed, or proposed to, or kept from walking out the door. And quite a few […]

The 3 Things That All Successful Married Couples Do

by Lisa Force

Falling in love and getting married is relatively easy compared to staying in love and living in a happy marriage. While there is no denying the ups and downs of life, careers, and raising a families that most married couples encounter, working hard to maintain their state of being “in love” and bonded to one […]

What You Ought to Know Before Getting Into a Relationship

by Lisa Force

When you date with the goal of getting into a relationship, the qualities and signs you need to look out for are much different than when you are just out there to have fun. Your entire perspective and understanding need to change. Indeed, the key to relationship success is to go through the process of […]

Is It a Good Idea to Ignore Your Ex-boyfriend If You Want Him Back?

by Lisa Force

Before I can answer this question, I have some serious questions for you. Are you sure you want your ex-boyfriend back? Are you really sure you want your ex-boyfriend back? Are you really, really sure you want your ex-boyfriend back? Why do you want him back? I am not kidding – answer those questions honestly […]

How to find a good couples counselor

by Lisa Force

In the event that your relationship is in a bad position, the sort of inconvenience you don’t appear to have the capacity to deal with all alone, it may be time to search for an expert guide to offer assistance.

Why won’t my boyfriend propose?

by Lisa Force
marriage proposal

Many women in serious, long-term relationships wonder why their boyfriend hasn’t yet proposed. If you’re in this situation, read this article to learn why he’s afraid to commit.