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The 2 Things Men Instantly Look For In A Woman On A First Date

by Renee Slansky
first date

Have you noticed that even though dating has become more complicated, men still seem to complain less about it than women? In a time where we have more ways to meet people than ever before, why is it that women still find the process harder than what it should be? Yet men seem to be […]

How to Use Body Language to Attract the One You Want

by Lisa Force

Using Body Language to Attract the One You Want The secret to attracting the man or woman of your dreams is not about having the best looks, the most money, or endless youth. It’s about communication. Communication that starts from the minute someone sees you.  Communication that takes place without uttering a word. It’s called body […]

Epic Formula to Re-Attract Someone You Want Into Your Life

by Lisa Force

Living your life with no regrets is a very difficult goal, particularly when it comes to romance, love and relationships. Nearly everyone has a sad story about someone they should’ve introduced themselves to, or asked for their phone number, or kissed, or proposed to, or kept from walking out the door. And quite a few […]

How to Deal With Substance Abuse in a Marriage

by Lisa Force

Marriage is difficult enough without drugs and alcohol, but when you add substance abuse into the mix, it becomes almost impossible to survive. We’ve all heard stories of the ravages of drugs and alcohol on relationships – broken promises and broken hearts, lost jobs, money wasted, children neglected, homes and families destroyed, and even physical […]

3 Harsh Lessons A Breakup Can Teach You

by Lisa Force

Breakups are hard. They suck, even. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, when something you thought had potential, when someone you thought was special, turns out not to be, it’s a blow to both the ego and your sense of optimism. However, as the pain subsides, as you begin to explore what happened […]

The Awesome Relationship Bucket List: Things You Can Do to Stay Together

by Lisa Force

It’s a good idea to periodically take an inventory of your relationship in order to see what’s working and what could use improvement. Rather than waiting until things break down, which usually leads to fighting and bruised feelings, it’s better to keep an eye on potential problems and catch them before they become too serious. […]

Why Emotional Affair Is the Worst Type of Cheating

by Lisa Force

When it comes to infidelity, there are many ways that one partner can betray the other. Traditionally, most people have associated infidelity with physical betrayal, sleeping with another person, for example, whether or not there was an emotional connection between the partner and the new fling. However, research has shown that, beyond the physical monogamy […]

How to Get Your Spouse Back After Cheating

by Lisa Force

You’ve cheated on your spouse and they’ve left you. What now? Is it possible to win them back? If so, what’s the best way to do it? First, you must accept that there are no guarantees. Your spouse may not take you back, ever. Accept that and you’ll be in a better frame of mind […]

Common Problems that Plague Marriages & How to Avoid Them

by Lisa Force

Despite constant reminders and decades of failed marriages to use as examples, the divorce rate in America still hovers above 50%. While 2:1 odds may be great in Vegas, they aren’t so fantastic when you are betting on your life. Getting married is a major commitment that doesn’t end when you say “I do”, it […]

A Nice Guy’s Guide to Getting His Woman Back

by Lisa Force

So, you’ve split up with someone and you’ve decided you want her back. But maybe you don’t think you’re Machiavellian enough to play tricks and mind games to win her back. You’re worried that “nice guys finish last” and you’re a nice guy. What can you do to win her back? Leaving out the devious […]